This site is about the helpless, hopeless,soul's seeking to finally know what Love truly is, and no matter what it looks, feels, or sounds like, that there's one that loves you with a Love like no other! And HIS NAME is JESUS!

On Success

In the summer before the final year of my MFA program, I hid in my parents’ basement while Caleb, Reed, and I were visiting, and, in a frenzy, I wrote the first draft of an essay titled &#822…

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TIMC…JESUS Said TRUST IN Me Completely

  1. This is a journey with JESUS. Leading and guiding me every day, in every way! It’s what HIS WILL is for me and All who visit this site! You see THE HOLY SPIRIT came to me during one of my temper tantrums of WHY!  Why do I keep going around in circles LORD! HIS answer was so simple! HE said Cynthia! Cynthia! HE always calls my name twice when HE is ready to SPEAK to me. HIS answer was,I know that you believe in me, and I that you TRUST me, but tell me Cynthia, when are you going to TRUST IN ME Completely? It was then, that I had to do some soul searching, a deep spiritual cleansing with in myself! I had to change my way of thinking and allow GOD to fill me with HIS way of thinking! NOT My WILL LORD! But thine WILL be done! In everything and All Things that I do on a DAILY BASIS! I completely have to empty out all of me, so that I can be filled with Thee!