This site is about the helpless, hopeless,soul's seeking to finally know what Love truly is, and no matter what it looks, feels, or sounds like, that there's one that loves you with a Love like no other! And HIS NAME is JESUS!

TIMC…JESUS Said TRUST IN Me Completely

on January 16, 2016
  1. This is a journey with JESUS. Leading and guiding me every day, in every way! It’s what HIS WILL is for me and All who visit this site! You see THE HOLY SPIRIT came to me during one of my temper tantrums of WHY!  Why do I keep going around in circles LORD! HIS answer was so simple! HE said Cynthia! Cynthia! HE always calls my name twice when HE is ready to SPEAK to me. HIS answer was,I know that you believe in me, and I that you TRUST me, but tell me Cynthia, when are you going to TRUST IN ME Completely? It was then, that I had to do some soul searching, a deep spiritual cleansing with in myself! I had to change my way of thinking and allow GOD to fill me with HIS way of thinking! NOT My WILL LORD! But thine WILL be done! In everything and All Things that I do on a DAILY BASIS! I completely have to empty out all of me, so that I can be filled with Thee!

6 responses to “TIMC…JESUS Said TRUST IN Me Completely

  1. There is no other way Jesus is the real deal and trusting in Him is the best gift that we can ourselves and all those we love and hold close to our hearts…I am so excited for you my Sister for you have so much to share and so much love to give…..Your testimony and life story is going touch so many and change so many lives well as inspire

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    • Thank you so much Sis. I am humbled with beyond anything that I’ve ever imagined. Thank you for standing by my side for all these years! This is the beginning of so many soul’s bring saved! To GOD BE THE GLORY!! HALLELUJAH!

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  2. Shakeel bell says:

    All thing’s COME together for those who believe in the Lord!! I love love love love the lord!!!! And Cynthia Smith my mother!!! My friend!! God is counting on you to save soul’s for his Kingdom!!! U Got work to do!! I am so proud and excited for what the Lord is doing in you!!! With that being said the Jesus in me Love’s the Jesus in you!!!!

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    • It’s been a whole year since I started this website! THANK YOU LORD JESUS for the Ride! Last year was what I’m referring to as My Brokenness Year!! For it was during that time of brokenness, that I learned SO MUCH about WAITING ON GOD!!! I’m So glad that those HE LOVES, HE Chastens!! FOR GOD Whipped my but last year “2016” and it was hard! BUT HE WAS WITH Me and My Husband through IT ALL!! SO, Thank You My Son Shakeel, I know it was hard for You and Your Siblings knowing what I was facing and going through. BUT GOD, HALLELUJAH!! NEVER Took HIS HANDS OFF Me!
      I Love You FOR LIFE!! Mom xoxoxo


  3. My Son, My Son. Oh how I love you! You Are my sunshine on a cloudy day. You always make me laugh even when I don’t feel like it! And I’m SO thankful, and grateful to GOD for blessing me with you. I am so proud of the man, husband, father, provider, son, and brother that you’ve become! And I also THANK GOD! For allowing me to see you grow and continue to grow! I Love you with all my heart Shakeel ❤ Know that! Mom

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