This site is about the helpless, hopeless,soul's seeking to finally know what Love truly is, and no matter what it looks, feels, or sounds like, that there's one that loves you with a Love like no other! And HIS NAME is JESUS!

The New House

on February 27, 2017

Mom decided to move us to a new house with a backyard and the school right up the street. We were so excited to be moving to a house! Mom was excited too, but not for the same reasons that we were. No, Mom had a new man in her sights and she was more than ready to make her move! The house was very big to Me as a child. My Little Sister and I were so excited to have our own room together! At the old apartment we all shared the same bed and the same bedroom! Besides, we were getting to oldthe to share the same bed with Our older brother! Who had already started to zero in on me. That is because mom told him what A whore I was, by sleeping with her man! My older brother was already in his early stages of being a pedophile! He still to this vdry day likes young girls. He even told my oldest son that when they (the girls) turn 13 years old, that’s when their ready!! My oldest Son to this very day has a strong dislike for his uncle!! But I digress. There was an attic and it had 3 rooms up there, My brother had his choice of what room he wanted. Of course he took the one facing the front of The house because then he’d be able to hide what ever, or who ever he was,doing at the time!! The house was kinda spooky at the first night that we stayed there. And it was to me and My Little,sister even more spooky because the very first night there our parakeet (we had two) Molly died! We woke up to her laying on her back with feet dead in the air! The second parakeet we had Polly died a few days later! My Brother told us that it was the house was big and drafty and parakeets lived in warm atmosphere! We didn’t BELIEVE him! Because it was summer time! The house was warm!! And then Mom who was born with a veil over her eyes, and what that means is there was a flap of skin over her eyes when she same out of the birth canal which was grandma!  So, that meant that she had a second sight! She was a learned to see in the natural and the supernatural!! And on the very first night she saw spirits that use to live there years ago! And she was so afraid that she would take my little sister out of her bed, out of our room into her bed at night because she was afraid of the dead!! When I asked her what if I saw the spirits in My room? She said pull the dam covers over your hdad and go to sleep!! My thought was, if that’s the case, then why didn’t she do it! But I knew better than to ask her for sure! And so that’s what I did! Even at present day when I go to sleep I pull the covers over my head and cover my eyes so that no light can penetrate and I fall right to sleep!!


We were happy there for about a month. Then came that awful day that the child molester, the police officer, the deacon in the church, came to the new house! I geared his voice, and I stayed in Our room which I’d by the way where I stayed most of the time. TO stay out of My Mom’s sight! Well, of course I heard him say to My Mom, where’s Cynthia at with her stupid ass? My mom sent my life,sister to Come and tell me that she wanted me. My little sister did what she was told, And off I go to the living room so they could laugh at me, call me stupid and My Mom was enjoying my pain and uncomfortability!! It was all of them my life sister, My older brother, mom and the child molester! All laughing at me, as I stood there crying my eyes out! Finally, my mom said ok you can go back in Your room I’m tired of looking at your stupid ass! When I turned to walk away, I heard my older brother say, look at her walk, she even walk stupid!! They all busted out laughing as I walked the long hallway head back to our room! It was that very day that I decided I’d had enough of them!! I started making plans to run away! They didn’t want me, they didn’t like me, and they dam sure didn’t love me! So, I was angry when I cried out to GOD, where is My REAL FAMILY? This can’t be my REAL FAMILY!! Because if they were, I wouldn’t be treated this way!!




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