This site is about the helpless, hopeless,soul's seeking to finally know what Love truly is, and no matter what it looks, feels, or sounds like, that there's one that loves you with a Love like no other! And HIS NAME is JESUS!


This blog is for and about what REALLY matters more than anything. Well, at the very least to me it is. Most of us learn what Love, being loved is as children, right? No, not all children grow up In loving and nurturing homes. Love is what defines who we grow up to be. Love is also GOD’S greatest gift to us! For HE IS LOVE! And HE created us in love, with love, to be loved! So, This blog is for the hurting, hopeless, unloved, never felt loved etc etc! Why am I writing this Blog you might ask? Is because all those things were my life. From 4 years old, until 17 years ago when I found love, REAL LOVE from THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD! That ONE IS GOD! As you read my blog, you will come to understand how I came to know who loves me, and teaches me still how to love and be loved. And by this, I pray that by my Story, I may help someone else come to know as I do today, that I’m not who my mother said I was, I’m not who she told my siblings I was. I was born for GREATNESS! And so are you My dear readers.

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