This site is about the helpless, hopeless,soul's seeking to finally know what Love truly is, and no matter what it looks, feels, or sounds like, that there's one that loves you with a Love like no other! And HIS NAME is JESUS!

This Is My Story, This is My Song

Hello again my friends seeking to find the love and life you were created to be. I know that its been a about a week or two since starting My Blog. And I do apologize that I’m just getting back. I do know that, at the very first posting I told you that I would tell you my Story. Well, today is that day. I was born in a little country town in Georgia called Thompson in Mcduffie County hospital. At midnight on June 15th. As far back as I can remember, which is at the age of 2 years old, I was loved very much by my grandparents. Especially My Grandpoppa. Who I use to call Pop-Pop. I was his little babygal! The apple of his eye! And I could do no wrong in his site. My older brother and I lived with our grandparents because our mom was living in Newark, New Jersey working and sending money home to my grandma to care for my brother and I. I remember riding on the back of a truck going to the fields where my grandma and grandpapa went to work and earn money to live. I can still hear the people out in the fields working and singing. I was too young to know that they were singing to The Lord, I just knew that I liked the sound of it. On the back of the truck with me was also this big tall what looked like a can. It was filled with ice cold water. I remember my grandma asking me if I was thirsty and I said yes. She put a tin cup under a nozzle on the tin pitcher and pumped it once or twice and clear ice cold water came gushing out! That was the best water that I’ve ever tatsted. My brother and i shared the cup of water. That’s all I remember about that day. My next memory was the day that my brother and I were being sent to live with our Mom in Newark, New Jersey. My grandpapa was just beside himseld with grief. He did not want me to go! He kept saying I know I ain’t gon see my babygal no more! I too was crying because I somehow knew even then, that I would never be loved like he loved me. The only reason that we were being sent up north is because my mom had another child and kept it from my grandma. When she found out she told my mom that she needed to send for my brother and I. So, off to New Jersey we went. I had not seen my mom in a while, so I had to learn who she was. My brother on the other hand,remembered mom. I didn’t. I was 4 years old and my brother was 7 years old. I remember when I saw my mom she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I ran to hug her and she tensed up, but allowed me to hug her legs. And then she looked at me and said, you look just like your father. And turned and walked into the house. My brother, was greeted by our mom wirh hugs and kisses, not me. I quickly forgot about that moment because when I walked inside the house,I saw my little sister for the very first time. She was a cute little girl with fat cheeks and fat little legs and hands! And when she saw me, she crawled over to the side of her crib where I was and placed her face next to my face and started smiling and laughing. My mom watched the entire scene and then said uh, she act like she know you already! I said she knows I’m her big sister. And I was happy again once I met my baby sister. Times went on and by the time I 6 years old, my brother was 9 years old, and my little sister was 3 years old, my mom decided that we needed to move into a larger apartment because where we lived, it was not enough room for three children and her. It never was big enough for us because it was a one bedroom apartment. It had rats running through the ceiling. One bit my little sister in her crib and she was so sick. She kept throwing up and she had a fever. My mom took her to the hospital and they gave her medicine and told my mom that she had to get us out of that place pronto! It wasn’t until after we moved that I also found out that my mom was sleeping with the married man who lived upstairs from us as well! After we moved, my mom who was what they use to call it back in her day was a barfly. Her and my aunt who lived on the first floor of the building and we lived on the 5th floor of a walk up. Its good that we were children because we were able to take those stairs. But,there were days too that even we were tired of climbing those stairs! There were two sister’s that lived across the hall from us. They were the Hall Sisters and they were twins. One of the twins was mentally disturbed. She would sit on the stairwell leading up to the roof talking to imaginary people! My mom was so afraid of her. We had to pass that stairwell to get to our door. My mom use to make us go ahead of her so that if the lady were to grab anyone,it would be one of us giving her time to get into the house. And then lock us out! That’s when I really knew that something was wrong with my mom.

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